It's common knowledge that Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden is one of the most controversial figures in the NBA. He forced his way out of Houston to team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets. Then once things went sour, he wanted out of the Big Apple in order to team up with Joel Embiid. Well, things haven't gone to plan with the Sixers either and after Daryl Morey reportedly promised him a new deal this summer and then never put one on the table, Harden requested a trade.

Now, Harden finds himself in quite the situation. The Los Angeles Clippers have moved on in talks for The Beard and the Sixers don't really have any plans on trading him at the moment.

This saga appears to be a common occurrence though, as one anonymous coach told Fox Sports. He said Harden is the type of player who will turn on an organization in a hot New York second if a head coach does something he doesn't like:

“When you deal with James,” said one coach who has worked with Harden, “if he feels like you've crossed him, or if he feels slighted in any way, you're done.”

“You shove him,” the coach said, “and he burns down the house.”

Ain't that a fact. James Harden wanted Doc Rivers out after the 2022-23 season after they butted hits and got his wish. Morey fired the HC. Yet, the future Hall of Famer still doesn't want to play for the Sixers, claiming Morey is a liar.

Harden needs to realize that the NBA doesn't need him anymore. If he never played in the Association again, no one would even care. While The Beard wants to be the No. 1 option elsewhere, that's just not going to happen. His best bet is to stay in Philly and improve his partnership with Joel Embiid.

But, it feels unlikely that will happen.