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Kevin Colbert says that Steelers will make Morgan Burnett move when it’s ‘comfortable’

Morgan Burnett

Morgan Burnett has asked the Pittsburgh Steelers for a release, and the Steelers seem prepared to honor the safety’s request. However, the Steelers are also steadfast on doing so on their own time.

At first, Pittsburgh said it would release Burnett by April 1, but then, a report surfaced that the team would try to trade him and get some value in return before cutting him loose.

While April 1 is right around the corner, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert says that the club is not in dire need to make a move:

“We’ll make a move when it’s comfortable for us,” Colbert said, according to Gerry Dulac of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “After we signed Mark Barron, we have some more flexibility in those two positions. There’s two players who have been added into the mix that now makes it more comfortable for us to say we’ll try to move Morgan in a trade and, if not, we’ll probably part ways.”

So, it seems like Pittsburgh will grant Burnett his wish and send him out of town either way, but it just might take some time.

You certainly can’t blame the Steelers for wanting to extract some value out of Burnett, but it is probably going to be nearly impossible for them to do that, as another team would then have to take on the final two years of the three-year, $14 million deal Burnett signed with Pittsburgh last offseason and give up an asset when it can just sign him outright once the Steelers release him.