The Golden State Warriors made history last year, winning 73 games during the 2015-2016 regular season, displaying unbelievable endurance and versatility. They then fought their way to the NBA finals, where they were ultimately beaten by LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

When you win more games in one year than anyone has in the history of the league, you usually don’t change anything, unless you can get a bonafide superstar. The opportunity presented itself, and the Warriors snatched up Kevin Durant in free agency to strengthen their roster even further.

NBA legend Charles Barkley has been vocal about his disappointment regarding Durant’s decision, even saying he feels that four-time NBA scoring champion is cheating his way to a title.

One player that isn’t bothered by Barkley’s disapproval is the two-time MVP, Stephen Curry.

Per the SFC Chronicle, Curry spoke at the American Century Championship golf tournament this weekend, claiming that Sir Charles’ comments actually benefit the team:

“That's great,” Curry said. “It means good things will happen.”

Barkley, who happened to be at the same event, played down his previous comments, then claiming that he doesn’t really believe in the Warriors’ style:

“It’s nothing personal. They've got a great organization,” Barkley said. “I love Steph and Klay Thompson. But I don't think small ball works, and it didn't work in the Finals.”

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