Devin Booker has no chill. The Phoenix Suns shooting guard added insult to injury with his moment of mockery directed towards Luka Doncic.

The Suns star was sent flying on a hard foul from Mavs forward Dorian Finney-Smith. Booker was seen seemingly in pain on the baseline, until he turned over and revealed that he was just doing his best Eddie Guerrero impression and playing possum. Then when his teammates started pulling him up, he shouted some slander directed towards his superstar rival in the series.

“The Luka special,” said the Suns guard with a sly grin on his face.

Devin Booker isn't out there to exchange pleasantries with his fellow MVP candidate. The Mavs star has grown a reputation for his rather animated complaints to referees and has been known to embellish a call or two at times.

But a gaffe like this in a critical playoff game likely won't sit well with Luka Doncic if he sees Devin Booker openly clowning him like that.

With the Suns owning the upper hand in the series at 3-2 after the Game 5 win, there are sure to be fireworks going off in Dallas. This just adds a little bit of extra motivation for Luka Doncic to have a huge game for the Mavs.