Former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd has been relaxing at his California home ever since getting the boot from his last franchise in late January, but he might have to ditch the slippers for a marker and clipboard in just a matter of weeks.

In the midst of being one of the three teams to fire a coach this season, the Phoenix Suns could hire their former player (1996-01) to take the coaching reins for this rebuild.

According to Howard Beck of Bleacher Report, who recently wrote about Kidd's life after coaching, two of his sources have envisioned the former dime maestro to land in Phoenix to finish the job.

via The Lowe Post podcast:

Zach Lowe: “Have you heard any Jason Kidd to Suns buzz?”
Howard Beck: “Yes, I have heard buzz. And in fact, when I asked a few people as I was talking to them about Jason in general, and I said, ‘Where could you see him ending up?’ And two people, in two very different walks of NBA life, both said Phoenix immediately.”

The Suns present a similar blueprint to the Bucks, conceptually — both with young teams and exciting prospects that show longevity for the team in the long run.

A core of Devin Booker, Josh Jackson, and Marquese Chriss could play wonders for Kidd — throwing in a developing point guard in Elfrid Payton, who's faced similar shooting woes as he has early in his career.

If the Suns manage to get the worst record in the league this season, landing top-prospect center DeAndre Ayton wouldn't be out of the question — rounding out a promising team that could give Kidd ample pieces to work with.