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Video: Redskins’ Alex Smith makes first public appearance since leg injury

Alex Smith

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith appeared in public for the first time since having surgery on his leg.

On December 16th Smith was released from the hospital after he underwent multiple surgeries on his leg. His leg had become infected and Smith was in dire need of medical attention, per Adam Schefter and John Keim of ESPN.

This would make it about a month past since Smith got out of surgery. Though it’s a positive that Smith was able to get out and enjoy a basketball game, his brace looks very serious. That’s a lot of hardware on one leg.

Smith’s career isn’t necessarily doomed. With modern technology and rehab, Smith should have every opportunity to get back on the field. His ability as a scrambler might be a bit affected, he should find a way to overcome that.

There is still optimism that Smith will be able to play again. The Redskins organization is doing everything they can to bring him back.

Smith originally broke his right leg during the third quarter of a home game against the Houston Texans on November 18th. The team eventually lost 23-21, and Smith was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on his fibula and tibia.

Back in 2018,  Smith signed a huge four-year, 94 million dollar contract extension with the Washington Redskins. The Chiefs had just traded him away to make space for Patrick Mahomes. Smith is on par to make around $42 million in guaranteed money over the next two seasons.