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Vikings’ Justin Jefferson rips critics telling players to ‘stick to football’ after US Capitol riot

Vikings, Justin Jefferson

When it comes to today’s politics and the way that the nation’s society is shaping out, a lot of people believe athletes should just stay quiet and keep to themselves. However, Minnesota Vikings rookie wideout Justin Jefferson was the latest figure to voice his opinion on Wednesday’s matter, making it clear that players have every right to speak out.

Jefferson debated briefly with a fan following his tweet, stating that players aren’t worried about losing fans that weren’t supporting them.

Jefferson and most athletes directed a great deal of anger towards the riots that occured at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. As Congress gathered to validate the electoral college count that would stamp President-elect Joe Biden as the new Commander in Chief. Over the course of the past few weeks, Trump had began riling up his supporters to show up to the Capitol, which is exactly what happened.

After protesting for a short amount of time, a large number of Trumpist stormed through the historical building while laying waste to many valuable momentos and destroying what came their way. Many were injured as a result of the failed coup d’etat while a few protestors were unfortunately killed.

While Wednesday was arguably one of the more embarrassing days for the nation in history, the Vikings rookie has made it clear, these players deserve to be heard.