NBA veteran Andre Iguodala seems to know where Kevin Durant is coming from when the Brooklyn Nets superstar gave his take on getting double-teamed in pickup games. Iguodala, who played with Durant for three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, revealed that the former NBA Most Valuable Player hates getting doubled even in practice. Iguodala said that Durant got mad when he and Draymond Green kept on double-teaming him during a practice session.

Iguodala pointed out that Durant had nothing to be mad about because they were just trying to win. Durant eventually responded to Iguodala's Twitter post.

Durant got a lot of attention on Wednesday when he reacted to Devin Booker's take on open-run double-teams. The two-time NBA champion with the Warriors said that a player should not ask for help on defense in pickup games because everyone needs to man up and prove that he can defend the opposing player one-on-one.

Durant said that all players should guard straight up because it is just a pickup game. And if a player cannot guard his opponent one-on-one, he should work on his defense or he will get benched by the coach during the season. He added that players should prove that he does not another man to check his matchup.