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Kevin Durant reacts to Enes Kanter telling kid to burn shirt with KD logo

Kevin Durant , Enes Kanter

Being one of the biggest social media trolls in the league, Enes Kanter refused to pass up an opportunity to roast former teammate Kevin Durant. The Golden State Warriors’ reigning back-to-back Finals MVP winner saw the New York Knicks center’s antics on social media, and was definitely not happy about it.

In a clip shared by the Knicks big man on his Instagram account, Kanter is seen speaking to a random kid who had a KD shirt on. Some hilarity then ensued.

The kid had a very quick and savvy comeback, which almost took Kanter by surprise. In the end, the former Oklahoma City Thunder man illustrated that he would much rather take Russell Westbrook over Kevin Durant.

When Durant saw the clip, he had a very brief, NSFW response for his former compatriot.

Kevin Durant

Durant’s four-letter response, an acronym that stands for “Get Of My D–k,” was enough to show how he felt about Kanter’s clowning around. We find no need to further expound on this message.

To be fair to Durant, Kanter may have hit a nerve when he proposed the small act of arson. Perhaps it brought back memories of not too long ago when some OKC supporters actually burned Durant’s jersey after accusing him of being a “snake.” Then again, this was probably exactly what Kanter was going for here.

Kanter and Durant were teammates in Oklahoma for two seasons between 2014 and 2016. Obviously, they did not end up becoming the best of pals.