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Wizards’ Bradley Beal reacts to playing with Jayson Tatum on Team Durant

Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum, Wizards, Celtics, Kevin Durant

Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards is elated to have an old-time buddy in Jayson Tatum on the same team for the NBA All-Star Game. Kevin Durant made it happen.

Bradley Beal was picked by Durant to be part of his reserve unit while the Boston Celtics superstar will be replacing the injured Durant as the team’s starter. These two St. Louis natives will finally be suiting up for the same team for the very first time.

 “It’s a blessing man. We’ve never ever in my life been on the same team. We’ve always played one on one and competed against each other so for us to share the floor for the first time in our lives, and then at the All-Star Game together, that speaks volumes,” Bradley Beal said (via Yahoo Sports).

Tatum is on his way to his second All-Star appearance but it’ll be the first time he’ll be starting, something Bradley Beal is aware of. Though it had to come at the expense of an injured Kevin Durant, Tatum’s starting nod has definitely been well-deserved and quite fitting after the development we’ve seen from the young Celtics superstar.

“I’m just happy for his growth,” Bradley Beal added. “I’m definitely proud to share the floor with him.”

Beal, like his old friend, is also off to start an All-Star Game for the very first time in his nine seasons in the NBA. After being snubbed for what would’ve been his third All-Star selection last season, Bradley Beal got to work and has poured in an incredible first half of the season. The three-time All-Star is currently leading the league in scoring with 32.9 points per game and don’t be surprised if he explodes for a 40-piece come Sunday’s big game.

Bradley Beal has gone through an emotional whirlwind this season, but this week has been a satisfying period within his larger NBA journey.