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Kelly Oubre deletes tweet from 2011 saying Drake has no swag


Drake has been a regular presence along the Toronto Raptors sidelines. He’s a valuable presence for the Raptors. Not only because he’s a bigtime celebrity, but he also makes an effort to help the team by trash talking their foes.

Recently, Drake called Kelly Oubre a bum as he jogged to the other side of the court. Oubre definitely heard Drake as he was just a few inches away from him. But the Washington Wizards forward did not just hear Drake, he feared him.

Right after the game, he deleted his old tweet stating that Drake has no swag. Below is the tweet as posted by Rob Perez:

Oubre’s actions may be an effort to evade controversy or start an even bigger beef with Drake. Yet somehow, some way, his antics backfired.

Social media is filled with people who have voyeuristic tendencies, if not highly-skilled at research. Once you post it online, they are ready to press “print screen” on their keyboards and save it to their computers. When the perfect time arrives, they will re-upload it and cause a bit of a frenzy.

The lesson for Oubre is to think first before tweeting. Before saying it out loud to your million followers, make sure you can stand by it. If not, don’t puss out and delete it.

Oubre’s actions seemingly made everything worse. Maybe the only way he can retaliate at Drake is by carrying the Wizards to the second round — something that seems very difficult at face value.