Kyle Kuzma made huge strides on the court last season, at times serving as the Washington Wizards’ best player with Bradley Beal missing the second half of the season. The growth he’s showed isn’t just with his basketball skills, though. The man is literally still growing.

According to Kyle Kuzma himself, his last physical measurement yielded an astonishing result. He’s now 6’10” and a half after originally being a shade over 6’9″ when he entered the NBA.

That may not seem like a lot, but in a game of inches sometimes one or two can make a huge difference. It’s also surprising given that Kuz entered the league as quite an old rookie. He wasn’t a fresh face who just turned 19, but instead entered as a 22-year-old after three years playing for Utah. He’s now 27 years old, which is well beyond the age that most commonly stop growing.

The size difference has certainly been more than just aesthetic, as Kuzma has played much bigger for the Wizards than he used to play during his early years with the Lakers. He’s a legit power forward now, averaging career highs in block rate and rebounding rate and showcasing improved defense in the interior.

The Wizards certainly need Kyle Kuzma to play big, both literally and figuratively, next season. Even with a health Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis, they’ll need even more firepower to be able to keep up with a much-improved Eastern Conference that continues to add weapons in an arms race to win the conference.