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Wizards’ Kyle Kuzma, Spencer Dinwiddie talk major trash after heated pick-up battle

Spencer Dinwiddie Kyle Kuzma Wizards

The Washington Wizards are an enigma coming into the upcoming NBA season. They’ve gotten rid of Russell Westbrook and have instead replaced him with a level of depth unprecedented since Bradley Beal was drafted back in 2012. Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma, D.C.’s biggest acquisitions, went at it in a recent pickup game which should get fans hyped.

Kyle Kuzma retweeted a highlight clip showing him get a few buckets on his new Wizards teammate. He included a subtle four-word dig at Spencer Dinwiddie, too.

But Dinwiddie didn’t take kindly to the tweet. The Wizards’ point guard responded, claiming Kuz “can’t guard” him. Then he followed up with another, arguably stronger highlight reel of his own where he repeatedly cooked the former Lakers forward en route to some buckets.


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Then for good measure, he also clowned Kuz on his IG story, telling him to think first before dishing some heat online.

Spencer Dinwiddie Kyle Kuzma Wizards

As a Wizards fan myself, you can’t help but get excited for this revamped roster. The Russell Westbrook triple doubles may be gone, but the team got younger and hungrier, which fits perfectly with the timeline and kind of player Wiz superstar Bradley Beal is.

The talent level on the Wizards’ roster may not scream NBA title contender, but Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma will definitely be coming into next season with huge chips on their shoulders. Just don’t ask them whose is bigger.