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3 mistakes the Celtics must avoid in 2022

Celtics, Marcus Smart

The Boston Celtics are going to have some interesting decisions to make this season because they certainly have their two guys that they need in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to compete for an NBA title. The unfortunate part about the Celtics is that they have some very below-average role pieces outside of a few guys and lack a lot of depth as well as three-point shooting.

They have not been able to close out some games recently and Ime Udoka has not done a great job with this team so far. There are many questions about the Celtics but they’re going to need to avoid some major mistakes that they could make if they are going to want to turn it around.

Let’s take a look at three mistakes the Celtics must avoid in order to get back to being the Boston Celtics that everybody knows.

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Celtics Must Avoids 2022

3. Don’t keep Ime just because it’s his first yea

Ime Udoka has not been the answer for this Celtics team after they fired Brad’s Stephens and raised him to a higher position within the organization last summer.

What’s particularly interesting about this situation is that he lacks accountability. The Celtics team has obviously not performed anywhere near what they were expecting but he also has to take a lot of the blame for that. He runs out lineups at times that simply don’t work together and he continues doing it and he does it late in games when the lineups need to be the best.

It makes sense that a first-year coach is struggling but when you are a team like the Boston Celtics and a franchise who has been one of the most storied in NBA history, you cannot have any years of not having success with a coach who won’t take any blame for the issues.

If Boston can get rid of a guy like Brad Stevens, they do need to think about getting rid of Ime because he clearly isn’t the answer for this team.

2. Have to keep Tatum and Brown together

There have been many speculations out there that the Boston Celtics are looking to get rid of Jaylen Brown for another guy next to Jayson Tatum.

Boston has to realize that every team that has won the NBA Championship for the last three decades has usually had at least two superstars. Although Tatum and Brown might not be working together at the moment, that needs to be put on the role players that Boston failed to put around them and not just on those two guys. They’re two of the best players in the NBA and if Boston does decide to get rid of Brown, They will be making a major mistake.

He has struggled at times throughout the season with being efficient but that cannot be put on him because he is trying to do too much with their offense. Outside of Tatum and Brown, there aren’t many offensive options for those two guys. The Celtics offense has been bad because they have failed to put pieces around them that suit both of them well.

1. Make a splash at the deadline

With the current roster, the Boston Celtics are certainly not in a position to contend for an NBA title. They can definitely give some of the top teams in the Eastern Conference a tough time just because they do have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and both of those guys can score 40 points a night whenever they want. The reality of the situation is they will not beat the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, or even the Chicago Bulls at this point.

Boston has not had the success that they were hoping for this season and a large part of that can be put on their lack of CAP space and inability to do anything last offseason.

They have been playing .500 basketball for the past two seasons and that is not something that is normal to say about the Boston Celtics. This is one of the most storied franchises in NBA history and they are arguably the greatest franchise that has ever played the game. If Boston wants to have any success this season, they need to go out and get a few pieces at the trade deadline because they clearly are not working with what they have at the moment. This does not mean trade Jaylen Brown, but instead, go out and get some guys who can knock down three-point shots and also go out and get a true center.