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3 mistakes the Knicks must avoid in 2022

Knicks, RJ Barrett

The New York Knicks are going to have some tough decisions to make in the 2022 season. With their current roster, they are clearly not ready to compete for an NBA title and when you are a team like the Knicks, that is never acceptable.
If the Knicks are going to find any success through this year and be the team that every fan of this team wants, they’re going to have to avoid some major mistakes that could be made.

Let’s take a look at three areas the Knicks must avoid in order for them to be title contenders.

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Knicks Must Avoids 2022

3. Do not trade Julius Randle

There have been many rumors out there and there are many Knicks fans who do want to get rid of Julius Randle. The reason for this is that Knicks fans expect Julius Randle to be something that he is not. Fans want him to be this guy who can score 30 points every time he steps on the court and that is something that he has never been.

The Knicks’ biggest issue is that they do not have that first star and that is not Julius Randle’s fault. Sure, there are nights that he can certainly play better than he has this year, but he is a very good player and he has embraced that New York City mindset which is going to help this Knicks team in the future.

If the Knicks do decide to trade him, they would be crazy because he is certainly good enough to be a second or third option on a championship team. It is not his fault that the front office did a bad job last offseason and gave out ridiculous contracts to role players.

2. Play Obi Toppin more

The Knicks have a few young guys on the roster and some of them that do not get the minutes that they should be. With their current roster, there is no reason why Obi Toppin is not playing more than he currently is. This was their first-round draft pick a few years ago and if they are going to want him to develop to anything that they need him to be, they need the kid to start playing more.

He hasn’t necessarily been a star with his minutes, but he has certainly played better to deserve more minutes than what he is getting at the moment. The Nets have had some guys like Mitchell Robinson step up in that 4-5 position and that is part of the reason why Toppin is not getting the minutes he deserves.

If the Knicks are not going to go out and get that second star to be able to compete for an NBA title, they’re going to need to play Toppin more because it’s going to be in the best interest of this team to get him to develop as much as they possibly can.

1. Make a huge splash and get that star they desperately need

The Knicks actually have a pretty good roster when looking at it on paper. They do have nights where they don’t perform to the capability that they most certainly can play at and that has led to the disappointing season that the Knicks are currently looking at.

The biggest thing that this Knicks team needs is somebody who can come in and score 25 plus points a night. They simply don’t have that and if you do not have that in the NBA, your team is not going to be successful. There is not one team in the NBA that didn’t have at least one superstar on their team who has won an NBA championship in the past five decades.

The Knicks desperately need that second star and fortunately for them, they are going to have many options they could decide to get at the deadline. They’re obviously going to have to pair are some of their young guys in order for them to get back the type of player that they need, but it is in their best interest because with their current roster and not having a star, they’re never going to perform to the way that Knicks fans want them to.

If they can get back at a guy like De’Aaron Fox or Damian Lillard, they’re going to find a lot more success than they are at the moment. Madison Square Garden is the greatest place in the world to play basketball and New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. Getting that big-name player to want to come to New York shouldn’t be this difficult and the Knicks need to make sure that they take care of business during the trade deadline and get a big-name player to come to play for them.