After his horrendous performance in the postseason, Ben Simmons is expected to be traded this offseason. It's crystal clear to the front office that they can't win with the Australian in the fold, especially since he's a liability on the offensive end. A Ben Simmons-Bradley Beal straight-up swap will push thru per the ESPN Trade Machine. However, the Wizards' front office saw with their own eyes how Simmons' value plummeted in the playoffs. As such, the 76ers would have to offer high-value pieces if they want to have a Beal-Embiid duo in their lineup. This will cause them a hefty sum. But they have to move on from Simmons right now.

3 Wizards trade offers for Ben Simmons

Bradley Beal, Russell Westbrook, Davis Bertans, Wizards

Beal, Bertans for Simmons, Hill, Curry

The ESPN Trade Machine allows a trade package that includes Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans in exchange for Ben Simmons, George Hill, and Seth Curry. This seems like the 76ers are giving out too much for a star and a role player. But again, we have to take note of the true value of Simmons now. Is he really a star player? Can he alone propel the Wizards to the playoffs? The answer is yes, he can probably help them in the postseason. But there's no way he leads them to a deep campaign

Among the 76ers players, Seth Curry has the highest trade value. For the past few seasons, he's been a key part of the playoff runs of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the 76ers. Other teams will likely suggest Curry be included in a package that involves Simmons. Besides, Davis Bertans is called the Latvian Laser for a reason. He's a sharpshooter just like Curry but he stands 6-foot-10. He'll fit right into Doc Rivers' system.

A lot has been said about Beal. He's been awfully kind to the Wizards organization for willing to stick with them. But the reality is that he's waiting his time with the organization. It's time for a move. Wizards fans themselves will understand if he requests a trade. They won't burn his jersey for it.


Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons and…?

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The first trade might result in millions of memes from fans. After all, can the Simmons-Westbrook ever work? These two have a similar play-style in terms of rebounding and playmaking. The only difference lies in their offensive game which Westbrook obviously has the edge. Given this inevitability, here's another trade package the Wizards can offer for Simmons.

If Beal doesn't request a trade, then this means he's giving the Wizards one more chance to make the proper adjustments. The ESPN Trade Machine allows for a package involving Simmons, George Hill, and Tyrese Maxey in exchange for Westbrook. Simmons seems like the perfect complement to Beal — a player who thrives in catch-and-shoot situations and isn't afraid to put the ball in the basket. In the 2019-20 regular season, he averaged a career-best 6.1 assists which shows he can be a playmaker as well. Beal might need to revisit these skills as Simmons has a penchant for cutting to the hoop.

A change in scenery and playing style might suit Westbrook at this point in his career. The fact of the matter is that while the guard is explosive than most NBA players, analysts believe that he's slowing down a bit. Doc Rivers, a coach who has a penchant for classic half-court sets, may be the right coach for Westbrook now. Under Rivers, we may say goodbye to the feisty and reckless Westbrook to welcome a toned-down but high-IQ one.


Three-Team Trade with the San Antonio Spurs

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The ESPN Trade Machine allows for a three-team trade with the San Antonio Spurs. DeMar DeRozan and Shake Milton will go to the Wizards, Bradley Beal to the 76ers, Ben Simmons and Gary Clark will go to the Spurs. At face value, the Spurs seem to be losing out on this one. But let's take note that the DeRozan experiment didn't really work amid improvements in the swingman's performance.

Also, being under the helm of Gregg Popovich seems like the best situation for Simmons now. We all know about how the Spurs have developed seeming role players into stars. At this point, we can never confidently say that Simmons is a star and a franchise player. Popovich and his coaching staff might be able to unleash Simmons' true potential.

The Wizards might be on the losing end of this one, as DeRozan will become an unrestricted free agent. The whole deal might include a sigh-and-trade with DeRozan. A hefty deal is out of the question, given that the four-time All-Star is already. Analysts believe he's worth $10-12 million a year. This would allow the Wizards to get more key pieces from the free-agency market.