AJ McKee has a lot of positive going on in his MMA career and he's not afraid to let it be known. He's currently the Bellator featherweight champion and has no losses on his records.

Currently, AJ McKee is set to fight Patricio Freire at Bellator 277 in his first MMA title defense. He's also starting to look at the future since his current contract is coming to an end and he has yet to re-sign.

“They did [try to re-sign me],” McKee told MMA Fighting. “I had already fought previously for a million dollars. I feel I should never have to see anything under a million dollars again, especially with the achievements I’ve accomplished. Every time I step in that cage, there’s an ‘O’ on my record.

“For me to go backwards, anything under a million, I feel it’s just not reasonable. We were at like [$500K] but it’s not appetizing to me.”

AJ McKee made it clear he wants the million dollars and he has no plans on backing down. His time with Bellator MMA could be coming to an end very quickly if his terms are not met.

“Possibly, if we can’t come up with the million dollars, then yeah [this could be it],” McKee said. “Also that’s the thing. Every time I fight, my numbers are going to double because I want to be back paid for the fights that I haven’t. It’s business. I’ve got families to feed.

“There’s been nothing re-signed so currently championship clause, three fights [remaining],” McKee said. “It doesn’t specify specifically [how long the contract lasts] so it’s normally about six months per fight, a year and a half [left]. A year and a half but I’ve got other things going on outside of that, all kinds of other stuff.”