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Adam Schefter goes off on Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky for recent comments

Adam Schefter, Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

The Chicago Bears have not had the season they were hoping for. They started the year 3-1 but have lost four in a row.

The biggest problem has been quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Through seven games, he has just 1,217 passing yards. He also has five touchdown passes compared to three interceptions.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the play of Trubisky (and the Bears in general) has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny. Analysts are quick to bash the quarterback and the team, as they are seriously underperforming compared to expectations.

Trubsiky admitted he wants the TVs turned off at the team facilities. That way they don’t see any of the criticism. Adam Schefter, Damien Woody and others responded on ESPN’s Get Up.

Honestly, this is probably something a good amount of people want. However, what the panel spoke about is very true. Usually, you’d expect the players to keep this private. Talk about it with the team, not the media.

They expressed their amazement that Trubisky himself made the comments and that they weren’t leaked by someone in the organization.

They also pointed out the irony of the situation. Trubisky made the comments to the media saying he wanted to ignore the criticism. Now, ESPN is reporting on that and criticizing him for it.

The best way to make this all blow over would be to start winning. If the Bears can get back on track, suddenly this won’t be much of a story anymore.

However, if Trubisky’s struggles continue and Chicago keeps losing, this story will only get bigger.