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Justin Fields, Matt Nagy sound off on Bears-Packers rivalry ahead of matchup

Justin Fields, Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Bears

The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers have a storied rivalry against each other. The two teams are the oldest franchises in the NFL, so they’ve had hundreds of games against each other over the years. Now, as the Bears and Packers are set to be facing each other again in Week 6, it’s natural for fans to wonder if the players and coaches feel tense about it.

For the Bears, at least, the history between the two teams doesn’t faze them. When asked about the rivalry, Bears coach Matt Nagy said this: (via Yahoo! Sports)

“As the rest of the week goes on and you get closer and closer, you might juice it up a little bit to try to get them really going. We always talk about, ‘Don’t peak too soon.’ They hear me say that all the time. That’s real. Wait until you get to Sunday. When you get to Sunday, then let’s peak.”

The Bears have gone 1-5 in their last five matchups against the Packers. Not a great sign, but things are on the come-up for the Chicago-based squad with rookie quarterback Justin Fields in the fray. Fields, who is also no stranger to historic rivalries himself, shared the same nonchalant sentiment as his coach, saying:

“I’m pretty familiar with it [Bears-Packers rivalry],” Fields said. “Yeah, I mean, a rivalry game, it’s big. I’ve been in the position before. I wouldn’t say it totally prepares me for this, but I have a pretty good idea of what a big rivalry game looks like.”

The Bears QB, who took part in some intense battles against Michigan during his time at Ohio State, knows what’s it like to play with that history. It’s no wonder that he’s taking this game like it’s just another game instead of being too excited about it. He kept that same cool-headed attitude when asked about Aaron Rodgers, as well.

Hopefully, Fields and Nagy’s words will help fuel the Bears in their campaign against the top-seeded Packers.