Michael Page was in a very frustrating MMA fight in the main event of Bellator London. Logan Storley out grappled him and nullified his offense in a very uneventful showing for the welterweight belt.

After the fight, Michael Page was very honest about the showing and didn't take anything away from Logan Storley. That doesn't take away from the frustration he felt during the Bellator MMA title fight.

“In the moment, it felt very frustrating because of how he won,” Page said on The MMA Hour. “I’m not debating whether he won or not, I haven’t watched it back yet, but a lot of people have told me since that they think I won the fight, but for me I like to put more blame on myself. I didn’t do enough, I didn’t work hard enough to not prevent him from holding me down in those positions. But he was holding me in survival mode, more, ‘I’m just trying to make it to the end of the fight,’ versus, ‘I’m trying to beat him,’ which is why I genuinely feel the rules need to be looked at because there’s a bit of a loophole. It happened a week before in France with [Ryan] Bader, and he definitely won [against Cheick Kongo], but I definitely feel like you should be more encouraged to do a lot more when you’re on the floor.

“Wrestling shouldn’t be a tool to stall, it should be a tool to advance, to create submissions, or create damage, or ground and pound.”

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Michael Page figured he was losing the MMA fight and he needed to do something big in the last round. Logan Storley continued with his wrestling game plan and won the main event of Bellator London.

“I’m going to be completely honest, based on the current ruleset that is in play, I assumed I would’ve lost,” Page said. “After Round 4, I’m having a casual conversation in the corner, and he told me, ‘I think you’re down, you need to go for the Hail Mary, try to knock him out,’ which is why I didn’t play it as tactical. If I was more tactical like I was in Round 4, just stayed away… but that’s just not my style. I want to try and go in and win, and win big.

“In retrospect, afterwards, I was like, ‘Yeah, he didn’t actually do anything.’ I’m being dead serious when I say I have not one bruise, not one sore, not one injury, nothing at all is lingering from that fight. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve had a five-round championship fight because he didn’t come to inflict damage. He came to survive.”