Bill Simmons has always been a big Boston Celtics fan. Simmons is primarily known as the Boston Sports Guy, is a Massachusetts native who moved to Los Angeles years ago, but still avidly follows the Celtics from their biggest rival city.

That includes the NBA Draft, which he avidly follows every year and has written various articles about, some comedic, and some thought-provoking.

During the 2016 NBA Draft, the Celtics had secured the #3 overall pick to choose from a very talented pool of young stars that could help them improve the franchise in hopes of bringing a new banner to the city of Boston. Trade talks to acquire a established star player in exchange for this youth star-power was in serious consideration during the tense draft moments.

After Danny Ainge was unsuccessful in trying to trade their #3 pick for a veteran star, the Celtics proceeded at the last moment to choose the player they felt would best help the team improve in the future.

That player that was most expected at the 3rd pick was thought to be Providence guard Kris Dunn.

Stunningly, the Celtics decided to draft a freshman from California, Jaylen Brown, a move which befuddled everyone, but most importantly sent Bill Simmons (who had been giving credit to any team that drafted well) into yet another comedic twitter rant.

At least your Celtics are in better shape than the Lakers right now, Bill.

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