Broncos news: Denver trolls Cam Newton after he signed with Patriots
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Broncos troll Cam Newton after he signed with Patriots

Cam Newton, Broncos, Patriots

The New England Patriots made a major splash in free agency on Sunday. And it was one that surprised a lot of people: Cam Newton signed with the Pats. The Denver Broncos noticed.

New England went out and addressed their biggest problem, signing veteran superstar quarterback Cam Newton to a one-year “incentive laden” deal.

Now, most people would agree this is a great move. The Patriots still have a lot of the proper pieces in place. But their quarterback situation (Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer) had people thinking they were going to consider tanking.

Suddenly, everyone sees them as serious contenders once again with Cam Newton.

And why wouldn’t they? Cam Newton has 29,041 yards and 182 passing touchdowns in his career. And he’s added 4,806 yards and another 58 touchdowns on the ground.

Oh, and he has an MVP award, a 68-55-1 record and has been to a Super Bowl.

Speaking of that Super Bowl though, the Panthers and Cam Newton did not win. They lost to the Denver Broncos that year (2015 regular season). And there is a certain play everyone remembers from that Super Bowl.

That play was not one that Cam Newton probably enjoys seeing though. Von Miller strip sack. Does that ring a bell to anyone?

In case it doesn’t, do worry – the Broncos have you covered. They took to Twitter to troll Cam Newton and his new team, the Patriots. How did they do it, you ask?

Simple. No words, no @ing of anyone. They just posted a GIF of the strip sack. That was all that needed to be said about Cam Newton.

Obviously, it’s all in fun. The Broncos won that game, so they have no reason to have any bitter feelings toward Newton. It was simply a perfect opportunity that they could not pass up on.

Cam Newton and the Patriots probably don’t care either. They both got exactly what they needed (Newton a good team to start on and New England a starting QB). And now the Patriots and their new quarterback are set make another run at the Super Bowl.