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Rob Gronkowski sends admiring fan a hilarious gift

Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers

Even though he now plays in the state of Florida, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski is able to keep his presence felt with one of his biggest fans back in his old NFL stomping grounds.

Gronkowski posted a video on his Twitter that was a response to a care package that he had sent one of his ‘admiring fans’ that he has interacted a bunch from his days in New England as a member of the Patriots.

A signed, framed photo of Gronk wearing nothing but a football around his waist with the message, ‘Thank you for everything,’ is the gift that his admirer received.

The video’s caption is a message from Gronk, simply stating, ‘A thank you gift to the #1 @StopandShop employee for checking me out all of these years.’


The unnamed woman that received the gift is apparently a worker at Stop and Shop, which is a chain of grocery stores that are littered all throughout the New York, New England, and New Jersey areas, which Gronk has frequently been a patron of.

Gronk, who just was seen for the first time wearing his new team’s colors this past week, has moved on to the Buccaneers, having joined long-time quarterback and friend Tom Brady down in the NFC South.

While Gronk had been retired, he seemingly had a change of heart, unretiring and forcing the hand of the Patriots to trade him to the Buccaneeers in order for him to want to come back to the NFL and try to chase another Super Bowl ring.

Expectations are high for Gronk and Brady down in the state of Florida, but at least the humor and easy-going atmosphere that Gronk brings with him wherever he goes still is going strong in New England, where he made a name for himself.