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Jim Boylen defends Tom Izzo after controversial shouting match with Michigan State freshman Aaron Henry

Bulls, Michigan State, Tom Izzo, Jim Boylen

Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen was quick to jump to the defense of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, who made headlines after a heated sideline incident with freshman Aaron Henry during a 76-65 win over Bradley in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Boylen, a hard-nosed coach that studied under the legendary Jud Heathcote at the same school, shamed those who criticized Izzo for coaching his freshman.

“I’m disappointed you can’t coach somebody hard these days without someone making a big deal about it,” said Boylen, according to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune. “He’s direct and honest. He puts time into his guys for permission to be real. He lets guys come back at him and he goes at them. That’s the relationship. He’s not an absentee father. And guys love playing for him.”

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors once was that freshman under Izzo, knowing the pains that Henry went through during that sideline exchange, but warned Izzo’s way is proven and comes from a good place.

Boylen is from the same school of rugged head coaches that will nurture and coach their kids tough, but also demand great things from them, challenging them on the way.

While this method of coaching is seldom seen in today’s day, it is mostly reserved for those with the clout and experience that Izzo has to his name, as his track record of producing capable player and winning reputation easily prove his methods work, even if they aren’t keen to eye.