Things have gone from bad to worse for the St. Louis Cardinals as of late. When the season started, Cardinals fans had high expectations for this team and were expecting a postseason run. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, that's not going to happen. St. Louis is currently 67-84 and they are in last place in the NL Central division. The Cardinals have also officially been eliminated from playoff contention, although we have known for a long time that they wouldn't make it. At this point in the season, the most important thing for the Cardinals is staying healthy, and that hasn't been going too well the past couple of days.

On Tuesday, Alec Burleson left the Cardinals game with a thumb injury, and he had to have surgery to repair it. Then on Wednesday, Willson Contreras left the Cardinals-Brewers game with left wrist discomfort, according to a tweet from the Cardinals. Every game for the rest of the season is essentially meaningless for the Cardinals, and these injuries building up is not good.

It is unclear at this point how long Willson Contreras will be out, but if it's anything remotely serious, it would likely be smart for St. Louis to just let him rest until the season is over. There is no point in risking injuries to starters in games that don't matter.

With just a couple of weeks left in the season, St. Louis needs to stay healthy as they head towards the finish line. It's time to shift focus to next season.