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Celtics coach Brad Stevens reacts to tragic news on ‘Boston kid’ Terrence Clarke

Brad Stevens Celtics Terrence Clarke Kentucky

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens had an emotional reaction to the tragic death of former Kentucky Wildcat guard Terrance Clarke Thursday night. The former five-star recruit declared for the upcoming NBA Draft in July, ensuring that Stevens, who is a part of the Celtics draft process, was familiar with the prospect. Clarke was from the New England area and was a personal favorite of the coach’s son.

According to Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports, the Celtics head man was too emotional to complete his regularly scheduled postgame comments following Boston’s victory over the Phoenix Suns.

“It’s hard to talk about basketball right now” Stevens told reporters.

Details are still emerging about the exact nature of the crash that reportedly killed Clarke Thursday night in Los Angeles. What is known is that Clarke and former Kentucky teammate BJ Boston Jr. were driving home following a workout to prepare for the draft. With both players having foregone their remaining college eligibility to enter the pro league, the two had relocated to LA and had been training together because of their close relationship.

At some point following the conclusion of their workout, Clarke was involved in a collision that fatally injured him, with initial reports stating that the guard died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. However, in a sliver of positive news, BJ Boston is reportedly safe as he was in the car behind Clarke and did not appear to be involved in the accident.

In light of such tragic news, it’s hard to blame Brad Stevens for not wanting to discuss a basketball game that means relatively little in comparison.