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Celtics’ Danny Ainge throws full support behind Brad Stevens after ‘difficult’ season

Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, Celtics

Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge gave his full vote of confidence for head coach Brad Stevens after what he called a “difficult” season coaching this roster, one that eventually saw an end in the second round after four straight losses to the Milwaukee Bucks:

“There’s no other coach I’d rather have than Brad,” said Ainge, according to Jay King of The Athletic. “He’s the best.”

Ainge expects these obstacles to eventually make Stevens a much better coach, using 2018-19 as a springboard, having experienced failure and disappointment:

“I think he’s going to be a lot better because of it,” said Ainge of Stevens. “He’s the least of our worries.”

Ainge also said Stevens has been interviewing candidates for the role of assistant coach, noting a number of names have been discussed.

Stevens struggled to coach a team that got two of their main cogs back in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, as the former battled a variety of mood swings upon incorporating himself to this offense, while the latter was victim of a slow start through the first half of the season, still trigger-shy and hesitant to play the way his pre-injury self once did.

To make matters worse, the dysfunction and complete disconnect between Irving and the rest of the roster was certainly palpable, making the decision to make this team revolve around Irving all the more tough.

It’s likely that Stevens will have a different-looking roster coming into the 2019-20 season, but most importantly, he has the full backing of the front office, regardless of what the team will look like this upcoming season.