Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown had the whole NBA Twitter buzzing after his decision to terminate his deal with Kanye West's sports agency Donda Sports. However, the reactions have been mixed.

While a lot of fans are saying he made the right decision, some couldn't help but point out why he was only doing it now. To recall, Brown did condemn the antisemitic comments made by West in recent days and weeks, but he opted to initially stay with the agency as he noted that he is focusing on the goals of Donda Sports and how he can use the platform for good.

“I was disappointed in the initial reaction. This is much better,” one fan commented.

“Black celebrities are so performative. But him saying slavery was a choice wasn’t the final straw for you,” another one pointed out.

For his part, Brown shared in his latest statement that he he was able to reflect on his earlier statement and realized that able “previous statements lack clarity in expressing my stance against recent insensitive public remarks and actions.” He apologized for it before confirming his decision to end his association with the agency.

As mentioned, though, Brown still saw a lot of fans support his move despite the criticisms. Meanwhile, others couldn't help but point out how Kanye West is quickly losing all his deals and partners amid all his controversial stance and comments.

“Ye really losing everybody close to him. Sad,” a Twitter user wrote.

Others commented, “Good stuff Jaylen” and “Well done” in reaction to Brown's move.

Aside from Brown, Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald also decided to leave Donda Sports over the West issue, and by the looks of it, they are far from the last ones to do so.