Celtics news: Brad Stevens is fine with Marcus Morris' hot take
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Celtics HC Brad Stevens is fine with Marcus Morris’ hot take

Brad Stevens, Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris of the Boston Celtics slammed his teammates after Saturday’s loss to the LA Clippers. And Brad Stevens, the Celtics’ head coach, is alright with his outburst.

Per MassLive as transcribed by Adam London of NESN, Stevens tagged Morris’ rants as a no issue. In fact, he agreed with the 29-year-old’s claims that he doesn’t see a team, but a bunch of individuals. The 42-year-old Stevens noted that as long as Morris stands by his words by putting his name beside it, then he’s good with it.

“One of the things that we said at the very beginning of the year was we don’t want to be a team quoted of unnamed sources,” Stevens said, as captured by MassLive. “So if you’re gonna say something, you gotta put your name next to it. And Marcus’ frustrations were obviously evident. And you know what, in a lot of ways, I thought he said a lot of stuff that you can’t argue with in the last two games. We need to be a lot better than we were in finishing out games and handling adverse situations in games and go from there. As long as we put our name next to it, I’m good.”

Various reports have reported that the Celtics as a team lack the seamless chemistry that great teams possess. For basketball analysts, this has translated into a mediocre record. There is no doubt that they’ll qualify for the postseason. But there’s much doubt if they can go all the way to win a championship. It’s a sad tale since they have a chance to perform a whole lot better given their talent. But their lack of chemistry outside the basketball court is pulling them down.