Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is not sure if playing year-round basketball at an early age is a contributing factor to several young athletes becoming more injury prone when they enter the NBA. However he is certain that there is a need for better education when it comes to taking care of the body early on.

During a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday, Tatum was asked if he thinks playing intense basketball early leads to players being more worn down when they make it to the NBA. Since he doesn't have enough information to support whatever his stance is, the Celtics star chose to another related issue: health education for athletes.

“I’m not exactly sure… but diet, recovery, stretching, Strength program … all should be introduced a little earlier…. All about taking care of your body,” Tatum responded.

Now this is certainly an interesting take with a lot of merits. While information about the best ways to taking care of the body is readily available online, it is still way different compared to getting proper education and professional help. There's a reason teams have their own medical and training staff, as well as nutrition experts to monitor and train their players.

As Jayson Tatum suggested, perhaps having that kind of help when it comes to diet, recovery and strengthening will help young players better prepare for the grind of professional sports. Perhaps the NBA can take a look at it as well and possibly help in addressing the issue.

Sure enough, it will go a long way in improving the quality of basketball as well.