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Kyrie Irving admits he cried after learning about trade to Boston

Kyrie Irving

It is now no secret that Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving was unhappy during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, a recent story has surfaced detailing just how overjoyed the former Cavs guard was when he first learned about his move to Boston — to the point that he literally cried tears of joy.

The five-time All-Star openly shared his unforgettable moment of bliss to Howard Beck of Bleacher Report. According to Irving, he was overcome with emotion when he first found out that he was finally turning the page on his career.

“Went outside and cried, let it all out, let go of all the emotions and just really, finally, it just hit me,” Irving says a year after the trade. “And when I found out I was going to Boston, I was like … I couldn’t believe it. Out of all places.”

Based on his statement, it is apparent that Irving really, really wanted out of Cleveland. Learning that he was being shipped off to Boston was just the icing on the cake.

Irving does have a history with the city. His parents first met at Boston University, and he also has some relatives and friends who currently reside in Boston.

“So I was already really connected here,” he says. “I got a family here, people to take care of me, and then obviously the people in the organization do a great job, too.”

It seems like a match made in heaven for Irving. However, a debut season marred by injury has proven otherwise — so far. Hopefully, the former Rookie of the Year is finally able to express his adoration for the city and the team on the basketball court this coming season.