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Ray Allen on fallout with Boston, ‘I often felt like I was taken for granted’

ray allen

Ray Allen is a key part of the NBA’s evolution to what we see today. Alongside Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Allen would form one of the first orchestrated Big Three in the NBA. This would set the stage for LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and others to attempt to replicate the same formula the Boston Celtics provided for the NBA landscape.

While the Celtics had much success with their Big Three, their ending didn’t go amicably. Ray Allen went down south to their rivals, the Miami Heat and ended up winning a second NBA title in 2013. This entire exchange would drive a wrench between Allen, Garnett and Pierce’s brotherhood.

The wrench is still there, according to Allen. In an interview with WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni, & Fauria show, Allen spoke out on how he felt the Celtics took his lack of being verbal for granted.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. It’s nothing personal, but it was disheartening when I left. I would speak when I needed to speak, but I didn’t speak up enough to where people listened and paid attention to me, and it took me for granted.

I often felt like I was taken for granted in this situation. When I left it was a shame of what was said about me, and it almost seemed like people were speaking out of anger, and I didn’t have any anger or animosity towards anybody.

It seemed like the team didn’t want to continue with the way I was helping and contributing. We’re still brothers let’s move forward from this. But unfortunately those guys had other agendas. The interesting thing about Big Baby and Kendrick Perkins making comments on the show is that they weren’t even on the team in 2011.”

While there will always be three sides to any story, it’s sad that the Celtics Big Three ended the way it did. Maybe one day the three of them can patch up their differences and be cordial.