Who's ready for some good old fashioned spring training overreactions? There is no team that will be more meticulously examined and nitpicked in 2024 than the Los Angeles Dodgers. A supremely talented roster breeds unmatched national exposure, which extends even to exhibition games. Tyler Glasnow took his turn in the limelight on Saturday, but he did not make a great first impression.

The veteran right-hander allowed one run on four hits and one walk to go with one strikeout in 1 2/3 innings of work. It was not the Dodgers spring training debut he obviously hoped for, with the Los Angeles Angels making hard contact on multiple pitches. The early struggles resulted in mound meetings with catcher Austin Barnes and pitching coach Mark Prior in the first inning, per Jack Harris of the LA Times.

A poor start in February is not going to induce anxiety among fans, but there are no real positives to take away, either. Glasnow still managed to find one, however.

“Not, I guess, the greatest in terms of execution,” he said, according to Harris. “But in terms of health and the way the stuff was coming out, it was good.” The 30-year-old brings to light what spring training is all about for the Dodgers pitching staff- staying off the injured list.

Dodgers can't afford to be shorthanded in October again

No one will remember the 7-7 outcome of this exhibition contest by the time the next one begins tomorrow afternoon, but they will be endlessly grateful if the team can keep a majority of its starting rotation healthy this year. The absence of ace Walker Buehler had a particularly debilitating effect on LA in 2023, as it was forced to rely on an aging and banged-up Clayton Kershaw, a vastly declining Lance Lynn and rookie Bobby Miller to take on the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks last October.

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Trading for Tyler Glasnow in the offseason is one of a few moves the Dodgers made to diminish the likelihood of another implosion happening in 2024. Hopefully, his glass-half-full mindset has him ready to go in his next spring training outing.

But once the regular season starts, fans might not be so patient.