Game 4 of the NBA Finals was finally a close one, rather than the blowouts fans had grown accustomed to seeing so far in the 2016 championship round. With the heightened intensity of a close game and the end of the series now in sight, things became especially heated as the clock neared zero.

One late-game altercation featured Draymond Green and LeBron James. With Green down on the court, James stepped over him, but Green chose to stand right as LeBron was above him. Green also seemed to take a few swipes at the Cavs star as he stood up, leading to some harsh words and pushing and shoving between the two.

James addressed the incident in the postgame press conference, saying Green went “overboard” with his words.

Green defended his actions in a The Undefeated diary entry, via Marc J. Spears:

“(James) stepped over me and I felt like that was disrespectful. I don’t disrespect you on the court. Don’t disrespect me. There’s no love lost. It is what it is. It’s a battle out there. I’m going to battle with whoever it is.”

Since his now infamous kick to Steven Adams‘ groin in the Western Conference Finals, Green's play has been under a microscope. Should he receive another flagrant foul this postseason, he'll face an automatic one-game suspension – a fact that Green is well aware of.

“We had our words,” Green added. “I said what I had to say and he said what he had to say. Move on. I'm not going to sit there and argue with him. I know what position I'm in, in terms of double techs and stuff. Just move on from it.”

Despite Green saying he understands his foul situation, the NBA will investigate the play further and could give the Warriors forward retroactive punishment.

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