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Dwyane Wade says Bulls winning the title is an unrealistic goal

Playing for the team that played in the town you grew up in is something many athletes think about. Dwyane Wade is living that childhood dream.

Now that Wade is actually playing for the Chicago Bulls, he is looking at expectations.

According to The Chicago Tribune’s KC Johnson ,Wade said the Bulls’ focus has to be on improving day to day, until they are a playoff team. He also stated the goal of winning a championship is unrealistic.

That might rub some fans the wrong way, but objectively speaking he is correct.

Wade has three championships under his belt, which is more than many NBA players claim on average for their careers collectively. He knows what it takes to win, from the front office, down to the last player on the bench. The talent and sacrifices needed to take down not only the league’s best teams, but the best players in the world is no easy task.

The Bulls themselves are starting fresh, moving past the Derrick Rose era, and trying to build a new culture, with a new coach, and new players. This will take sacrifices in its own right, but the team needs to shake off the anomaly that is last season to become a contender again. Tearing a thing down to build it back up the right way is sometimes the best method to use.

Wade has had enough time to observe the team, and he believes they can only get to the top by taking it one day at a time.

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