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Former NBA players Tim Thomas and Kenyon Martin will square off in a boxing match to settle old beef

One of the more famous feuds in the early 2000s was the beef between former New York Knicks forward Tim Thomas and New Jersey Nets big man Kenyon Martin.

Their bad blood started when Thomas was on the receiving end of a hard foul from Martin’s teammate, Jason Collins, and had to be placed on a stretcher while being taken off the court.

During an interview while he was recovering in the hospital, the former Villanova Wildcat made his feelings known about Martin and called him a “Fugazi,” which meant a fake tough guy.

What ensued was a back and forth between the two players and trolling one another off the court. Their antics got so intense that when their paths crossed inside a club, Thomas apparently slapped Martin in the face with $1,500.

More than a decade since their feud started, the two have still not moved on from it and will settle their differences in a boxing ring after it was announced by rapper 50 Cent on his Instagram account.


The boxing event is scheduled to draw a huge crowd, with R&B artists Soulja Boy and Chris Brown also scheduled to fight on the night. Retired professional boxer Floyd Mayweather will reportedly promote it and will most likely happen in Las Vegas later this year.


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