NBA news: Gilbert Arenas regrets making Nick Young his rookie
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Gilbert Arenas regrets making Nick Young his rookie

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Former Washington Wizards All-Star point guard Gilbert Arenas has plenty of reasons to feel regret with respect to his NBA journey.

Arenas was one of the best guards in the league in the mid-2000’s before injuries and an infamous locker-room firearm incident derailed his career.

But Arenas also regrets the potentially negative impact he might have had on other Wizards youngsters during a tumultuous time in his own life—notably shooting guard Nick Young.

Arenas was asked about the “worst” thing he did to Young during a Reddit Q&A:

“Gilbert Arenas you were one of my favorite NBA players when you were in your prime, some of your antics were legendary. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to Nick [Young] that you can say?”

The question was meant to hint at Arenas’ affinity for pranks and hijinks. Instead, Arenas responded with brutal honesty:

“[T]he worst thing…making him my rookie. [I] think if he wasn’t my rookie he would he would have better career. [M]aking him my rookie was the worst thing. [A]nd he deserved each and every bit of it.”

Young’s rookie season was in 2007-08, which directly coincided with Arenas’ first year on the shelf.

Arenas suffered a torn meniscus at the end of the 2006-07 campaign, and he would play all of 13 games the next season. His career unraveled shortly thereafter.

Basketball fans remember Young as something of a personality or prankster as opposed to a serious hooper, but Arenas is right to suggest he had ample talent.

Young, 34, averaged better than 17 points per game twice in his career, and he frequently showed flashes of being a steady perimeter scorer.

Perhaps Arenas feels his antics rubbed off too much on Young.

Still, “Swaggy P” went on to win a ring with the Golden State Warriors in 2018, and has had a very nice NBA career.