Wizards news: Gilbert Arenas reveals how Nick Young became 'Swaggy P'
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Gilbert Arenas reveals how Nick Young became ‘Swaggy P’

Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, Wizards

Former Washington Wizards All-Star point guard Gilbert Arenas recently talked about his relationship with Nick Young on the Opinionated 7-Footers’ podcast with Ryan Hollins and Brendan Haywood.

Arenas and Young developed a close friendship on the Wizards, although it may not have been the best thing for Young at the time since Agent Zero was injured and partying a lot.

During the podcast, Arenas and Haywood spoke about the BB gunfight they had in the Wizards locker room and how Young ultimately became “Swaggy P,” via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

“With the young guys, they picked up more on my off-the-court behavior rather than my on-court behavior,” Arenas said. “So, I kind of messed up the little group; the Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and [Nick Young]. We’ll be eating and when he’s finished, he would lick his fingers and put his hand in your food so that you’re finished, too. So, that’s what I was also dealing with.”

“Our team was so good, but we had so much dysfunction and so little discipline,” Haywood said. “We had a BB gun fight in a locker room full of millionaires where BB guns can literally pop off the locker, hit somebody in the eye and blind them. We’ve got a BB gun fight in the locker room.

“So, that is how Swaggy P became Swaggy P.”

Young played 335 games with the Wizards. He finished his D.C. career with averages of 11.6 points.

However, Young could have been an All-Star with the Wizards if he kept his head on a swivel. The California native was a walking bucket but his decision making, on and off the court, was questionable and it appears Arenas was one of the reasons why Young was immature at the start of his NBA career.

Amazingly, Young is the only player from that Wizards group to win an NBA championship. He was part of the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors team that won it all.

Arenas was one of the best players in the NBA during his prime with the Wizards. Unfortunately, injuries and his gun incident in the Wizards’ locker room led to his downfall.