Spurs news: Gregg Popovich on Tony Parker's return to San Antonio
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Gregg Popovich says Tony Parker will return to San Antonio and they’ll drink wine together

Tony Parker, Spurs, Gregg Popovich

Of the San Antonio Spurs’ Big Three, Tony Parker is the least outwardly changed by time. Where Tim  Duncan’s face now sports a few lines and grey specks of hair, and Manu Ginobili a bald dome, only perpetual stubble and sharpened features separate Parker young and old.

And now, no Spur looks more different.

San Antonio’s future Hall of Fame point guard signed a two-year, $10 million contract to play for the Charlotte Hornets; exchanging his familiar black and silver for teal, purple, and a larger role.

But Parker will always be a Spur. San Antonio is known for building lifelong relationships between organization and players and Head Coach Gregg Popovich says he can envision he and his former star point guard enjoying life and sharing a bottle of wine [via Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News]:

Tony Parker will serve as the primary backup for Kemba Walker, working alongside frenchman Nicolas Batum, for Head Coach James Borrego, who was an assistant with the Spurs.

Over the past few years, Parker has rarely resembled the 2007 NBA Finals MVP who was pure speed and craft; or his 2011-2014 All-NBA peak, which married the final embers of his lightning quickness and a decade of system knowledge coursing through his muscle memory.

Parker is hoping to extend the relevance of his on-court career, but the Hornets are likely counting more on his working knowledge with Borrego and time spent in the Spurs’ system.

The Spurs have been in a dramatic transition period since the retirement of Duncan, recently trading a disgruntled Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors while awaiting the uncertain future of the soon-to-be 41-year-old Ginobili. It’s tough watching franchise icons move on, but it’s comforting to know no matter how things change, these players can always return home.