Teams across the league are preparing for the NBA Draft and trade rumors are running amuck. The Atlanta Falcons have been rumored in trading John Collins for quite some time but it sounds like it might come to fruition by Thursday night. With interest from multiple other organizations, Atlanta should be able to reel in a solid deal to continue building around Trae Young.

According to Marc Stein, “relocation for Collins this offseason is pretty much expected now.” It all started last season when John Collins and the Hawks couldn't agree to a $90 million extension. Leading up to the trade deadline, many believed a deal would be made. Instead, Atlanta decided to keep Collins on the roster for the remainder of the year.

Trade rumors have increased since then, especially now with the NBA Draft around the corner. There will continue to be a buzz until a possible deal is finalized as the Hawks aim to better build around Trae Young.

A couple of teams to watch for are the Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns, per Marc Stein. “Collins continues to be mentioned as a player on Portland's radar for a potential deal constructed around the No. 7 overall pick on Thursday night.” If that's the case, then the Hawks might be acquiring an exciting prospect to pair up with Young. Additionally, the Hawks “have been routinely mentioned as a leading potential sign-and-trade partner for Phoenix's Deandre Ayton.”

We'll see how it all plays out, but based on the given rumors, it sounds like the Hawks are likely to trade John Collins at this point. Hopefully, the franchise can get a good deal for the star power forward, as this franchise has been competitive the last two years.