Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas may be a little guy in the NBA, but he has always had big dreams.

Friday night, one of his dreams was realized when he put up an electrifying performance against the Miami Heat.

Thomas scored a career-high 52 points shooting 15-of-26 from the field and a ridiculous 9-of-13 from beyond the arc which.

His 29 point 4th quarter performance had the TD Garden buzzing, and MVP-chants rang throughout the arena.

Thomas told Celtics reporter Amanda Pflugrad that the experience was unbelievable.

“It's unbelievable. It's a blessing from God. As a little boy, I dreamed of being in an NBA arena and the fans chanting MVP, let alone being on the Celtics. All the great players who did it before me, it says a lot.”

Ironically Thomas was so busy putting the ball into the basket that he didn't record a single assist, and Coach Brad Stevens had no problem with it.

“I've got to give credit to Brad, the coaching staff, and my teammates, because they were like, ‘Go get 60.' They wanted me to score, and I was just shooting the ball and they were going in.”

The 5-foot-9 guard was in a zone during his hot streak, something few players get the chance to experience.

His teammates were behind him the entire time and enjoyed the show just as much as the fans.

“My teammates just wanted me to make plays; they kept setting screens, coach kept calling plays for me. Without my teammates, without coach Brad (Stevens) believing in me and putting me in position to be who I am, there's no 52, there's no games like this this year, last year, or the year before.”

Friday night was indeed a special night and a great way for Thomas to end 2016.