Isaiah Thomas playing through finger injury on shooting hand
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Isaiah Thomas playing through finger injury on shooting hand

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The Boston Celtics may be on the right track in terms of turning their fortunes around, but it doesn’t mean everything is going well for them right now.

After getting some positive news that their prized recruit of the summer, Al Horford, may make his return from a concussion anytime soon, news came out that their All-Star point guard, Isaiah Thomas, will be playing with a finger injury on his shooting hand.

The 27-year-old Washington product suffered the injury on Friday against the New York Knicks and is still all swelled-up. Since it is in his left hand, it makes it more difficult for him to shoot and be accurate with his shots. Thomas discussed the status of of finger and talked about what he needs to do to play around it.

“The swelling hasn’t really moved the last couple days. I just have to do the best I can to not think about it and worry about the pain later.”

“Can bend it a little bit, gotta work around it. I’ll figure it out today and make adjustments.”

Despite the injury, the 5-foot-9 point guard does not intend to sit out any games and will play through the pain. He is known to be a tough competitor and after calling out his teammates because of the poor effort they have been showing, Thomas wants to lead by example and be out there on the court with them.

His strong words may have served as a wake up call for the Celtics as they were able to win two of their past three games after he made his comments.

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