The Sacramento Kings aren't cute anymore. After charming the entire NBA last year by celebrating every win by trying to destroy the moon, the Kings are ready to make the leap from feel-good to just straight up good. Just about important member of their rotation who they want to return will return; Harrison Barnes (whose Bird Rights they'll probably renounce to clear his cap hold) and Trey Lyles (ditto) are their only notable free agents. As such, the Kings maneuvered in the draft to clear up $30 million in cap space this offseason, allowing them to aggressively hunt for upgrades on the wing and in the front court. Here's why the Kings should pursue Kyle Kuzma, Draymond Green and Jerami Grant in 2023 NBA free agency.

Kyle Kuzma

Despite earlier murmurs that Kuzma might ink a long-term extension with the Wizards, it's hard to imagine Kuzma sticking around following the Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis trades. Accordingly, Kuzma should be atop the Kings' list as one the headliners of a fairly underwhelming crop of free agents. While Kuzma was shunted into awkward off-ball roles with the Lakers, he gracefully stepped into a higher usage role in Washington. Last season, Kuzma had the best year of his career, setting career highs in points (21.2 per game), assists (3.7 per game) and made threes (2.5 per game). Playing alongside fellow high usage players like Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis, he became comfortable functioning as the offense's connective tissue, scoring points in a variety of ways to fit in with his co-stars. As such, he's a unique offensive talent, equally capable of running both ends of the pick and roll, equally comfortable spotting up as he is posting up.

For the Kings, who oftentimes lacked consistent shot-creation outside of De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, adding this level of offensive talent in free agency would be a godsend. Against the Warriors in the playoffs, the Kings were doomed by their paltry wing play—the soon-to-be-departed Harrison Barnes came up tragically small, missing a game-winning shot in Game 5 and averaging a scant 10.7 points per game. As such, splurging on a free agent like Kuzma could ultimately be the deciding factor whether the Kings can win a playoff series next year.

Jerami Grant

Similar to Kuzma, Grant would supply the Kings with another offensive hub, but his game is oriented in a slightly different direction. Whereas Kuzma's game is built around his shot-making prowess, Grant succeeds because of his elite athleticism. Originally a hustling role player, Grant graduated to quasi-stardom after leaving Denver in 2020—over the last three seasons, Grant has averaged 20.7 points per game. Even more promisingly, he's become increasingly comfortable as an on-ball player—his field goal percentage jumped up nearly five whole points last year with the Blazers.

With the Kings, Grant would offer another terminus of bucket getting, evening out lineups that often gin up most of their points from the polar forces of Fox and Sabonis. To be sure, he lacks some of the versatility and portability that Kuzma would offer, but he compensates through brute force. If the Kings add Grant in free agency, there's not a defense in the NBA that could withstand a night of punishment at the rim from Grant, Fox and Sabonis.

Draymond Green

This probably won't happen, but it would be hilarious if it did. At the doorstep of the offseason, Green to Sacramento is one of the NBA's most ridiculous and delicious free agency rumors. On one hand, why would Green leave the franchise where he's beloved and feted to go to the cow-town team he just booted out of the playoffs in April? But on the other, it would be foolish for him not to at least consider it.

At this point, the Warriors are undoubtedly on the decline—even if they won a championship in 2022, this is an old team that will slowly atrophy as their stars gradually age out of usefulness. Conversely, the Kings are ascendant, set to return just about every important player from a team that authored the greatest offensive season of all time. To wit, Green's defensive genius could be exactly what they need to vault from a good team to a great one. While the Kings' tranche of shooters and ball handlers is enough to lift them into the playoffs, it's not enough to fuel a meaningful playoff run.

Even if Green hampers the Kings offense and spacing with his abominable shooting, he's proven that he can contribute in other ways. Notably, his passing and court sense allows him to simulate a degree of shooting—defenses can't fully abandon him, lest he find a way to spring open a more dangerous teammate with a pass or a screen.

By poaching a free agent like Green, the Kings could level up their defense in a significant and meaningful way and, in turn, level up their team at large.