NFL free agency: Kirk Cousins has narrowed down list to four teams
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Free agent QB Kirk Cousins has narrowed list down to four teams

Kirk Cousins, Redskins

With the start of the 2018 NFL season just around the corner, the Kirk Cousins Sweepstakes has already begun. Every team with a serious need at quarterback has been linked to Cousins this offseason. However, it seems he has narrowed it down to a final four.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the teams still in the running are the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings:

“The final four teams expected to be vying for free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins are the Broncos, Cardinals, Jets, and Vikings, per league sources.”

The teams mentioned should come as no surprise as there have been plenty of talk about each of their interest in Cousins. Needless to say, they all make for viable landing spots in free agency.

Cousins is undoubtedly the biggest name on the market. As a result, he is poised to make upwards of $30 million per season next year. However, given this list, it is clear that his primary goal is to compete for a championship right away.

The Jets will likely give Cousins the most lucrative offer given their current situation. Although New York has the most money to shell out, they are the team furthest away from being a legitimate contender.

However, the Broncos, Vikings, and Cardinals are each considered one quarterback away from seriously contending for a Super Bowl. Star players from both Denver and Arizona have done a solid job of recruiting Cousins to their perspective teams. Meanwhile, Minnesota was the most successful team by far following an appearance in the NFC Championship Game. That said, it will be interesting to see which route Cousins chooses to go in.