Jalen Brunson has been having a special season with the New York Knicks. The 27-year-old combination guard is averaging a robust 27.5 points per game while connecting on 47.9 percent of his shots from the field and better than 40 percent from beyond the arc. He was recently in Indianapolis for the NBA All-Star Game and he has a rather unique perspective on how the league could make a change so that the showcase for the league's best players would become far more competitive.

The NBA went back to an East-West format for this year's All-Star Game with the hope that the traditional competition would lead to a memorable game. Instead, it turned out to be a run and gun show featuring dunks and three-point shots. The East won by the shocking score of 211-186.

Jalen Brunson and teammate Josh Hart talked about the event on Roommates presented by Playmaker HQ and he discussed an idea that would make the game look much more like a traditional NBA game.

He believes that attaching home court advantage in the NBA Finals to the winning side in the playoffs would do just that. That was an idea that Major League Baseball adopted for several seasons to make it's All-Star Game more meaningful that was proposed by former commissioner Bud Selig. After a period of years, MLB moved on from that idea after severe criticism.

“Another way you can enhance it, I don't know if baseball does it anymore, but the winner of the all-star game gets home-court advantage in the finals. That's cool. I think that's one way that could at least make it interesting in the fourth quarter.”

An idea that originated with MLB and was ultimately rejected is not likely to be accepted by the NBA.