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Knicks’ James Dolan still set to go ahead with Charles Oakley mediation despite coronavirus

James Dolan, Charles Oakley

Despite recently testing positive for coronavirus, it is being reported that New York Knicks team owner James Dolan still intends to participate in the scheduled mediation meeting between himself and Knicks legend Charles Oakley. This is via Michael McCan of SI.

Dolan’s schedule this week isn’t entirely of his choosing. As of this writing, Dolan is set to participate in a court-ordered conference call at 10 a.m. on Tuesday with the following group: his attorneys, Oakley’s attorneys and Oakley himself. The call will be overseen by mediator Charles Ramos, a retired New York judge.

The objective of this meeting is to try and find a common ground between both camps, rooting from the infamous 2017 incident in Madison Square Garden that saw Oakley kicked out by security personnel during a Knicks game.

According to the report, the Knicks owner remains fit enough to work despite contracting the virus, so at least this is a good sign with regards to his overall health.

We are living in unprecedented times with the current coronavirus pandemic taking the entire world by storm. Perhaps the fact that we are all uniting to try and defeat a common enemy will soften the hearts of both Dolan and Oakley’s camps. Although the premise may be highly unusual, maybe this mediation meeting will bear fruit and both camps will finally be able to move on amicably from one of the more perplexing incidents in MSG and Knicks history.

Dolan still remains in our prayers as we hope that he is able to return to full strength at the soonest possible time.