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Marcus Morris apologizes to Liz Cambage after WNBA star has savage clapback

Knicks, Marcus Morris, WNBA, Liz Cambage

New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris was forced to apologize once again for using the term “female tendencies” to describe Memphis Grizzlies forward Jae Crowder. WNBA star Liz Cambage of the Las Vegas Aces was upset at his use of that terminology, quickly taking to Twitter to bark back at Morris.

Mook had no other choice but to issue a personal apology to Cambage, one of the most notorious WNBA players and one that is never shy of voicing her thoughts.

Morris previously said that his words came in the heat of the moment and weren’t intended to offend anyone. His intent was to call Crowder “soft,” even after the Grizzlies three-and-D specialist stood by his decision to steal an inbounds pass with less than a minute left in regulation.

Crowder proceeded to spot up for a corner three but was bull-rushed by an angry Elfrid Payton, who was consequently ejected from the game for tackling him. It’s likely Payton will be suspended in the coming days.

The Grizzlies had an 18-point lead at the time, with the outcome of the game already decided, hence why Morris chose to put down Crowder for putting up a tough guy act.

Morris has always had the toughness radar activated, but using “female tendencies” as a way to put down Crowder was the wrong move, as there are myriad other ways to get his point across.

Cambage, also a fan of the NBA game, was deeply offended by his comments — quickly ensuring to address her disgust with the way he addressed the incident.

Morris also said Crowder was “woman-like” and used phrases like “it’s a man’s game” to describe the incident — making this more of a misogynistic approach to his rationale than a poor use of words in the heat of the moment.