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Tom Thibodeau calls Taj Gibson a ‘New York-style player’

Tom Thibodeau, Taj Gibson, Knicks

Tom Thibodeau knows a thing or two about Taj Gibson. After having spent several seasons with him in Chicago and Minnesota, Thibodeau knows that it’s Gibson’s dream to be a member of the iconic New York Knicks one day.

Gibson achieved that dream when he inked a deal with the Knicks in July. Per Marc Berman of the New York Post, Gibson shared that he received a call from his former coach. Apart from the usual catch-up, Thibodeau claimed that Gibson is a “New York-style player”:

“Once I signed with New York, one of the first phone calls I got was from Thibs,’’ Gibson said. “That’s all we ever talked about throughout my time with Thibs — we always talked about New York.

“For it to finally happen, being able to say I was finally a New York Knick was a crazy feeling. We laughed for a minute. Then he was serious. He was like, ‘If anyone is capable of playing in New York, you’re a New York-style player.’ He knows me that I will play hard every night.”

NBA players who have donned the Knicks jersey have shared that New York fans, whenever they see you not putting your best foot forward, will tell it right to your face. New York is the mecca of the sport. Basketball flows through the natives’ veins.

Gibson will be joining RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith Jr., Julius Randle, Elfrid Payton, among others. It’s been a while since the Knicks housed that much talent. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to rack up some wins; Knicks fans have been itching for a playoff appearance.