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Rumor: Darius Garland raises beliefs within Knicks that he has a brighter future than RJ Barrett

Darius Garland, RJ Barrett, Knicks

The New York Knicks recently worked out potential top-five pick Darius Garland ahead of the draft, which led to questions about who the team is truly bound on selecting with the third overall pick.

Ever since that Garland workout took place, rumors have slowly crept to the surface regarding the Knicks’ opinion of the former Vanderbilt guard culminating in a Tweet from Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

Ever since the Knicks secured the 3rd overall pick, the consensus choice for New York has been R.J. Barrett out of Duke University. Barrett simply makes the most sense for a team like the Knicks who are in sore need of as much talent as possible as the team plans to build around big-name superstars in future free agent classes.

However, Barrett has been rapidly increasing during the pre-draft process potentially due to the fact that Garland was injured for much of his college season at Vandy, while Barrett helped lead the Blue Devils to a lengthy run in the NCAA Tournament – though he showcased many of his flaws while doing so.

Both players are young, but Barrett was a widely lauded prospect out of high school (the #1 recruit in this class, to be exact) higher even than Zion Williamson and Garland himself.

Of course, this could just be posturing, but the 2019 NBA Draft is sure to be a scintillating one.