Video: Kristaps Porzingis plays 'Crying Knicks fan' in 1-on-1 game
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Video: Kristaps Porzingis plays ‘Crying Knicks fan’ in 1-on-1 game

Oh, the dream of every NBA fan — to get your shot swatted several times by someone three feet taller than you.

That was the case for Jordan, ‘The Crying Knicks Fan’ who was all over TV networks last year as he cried when the Knicks drafted then-rookie Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth overall pick.

Him and Porzingis have become good friends since, but the basketball court is a no friendship zone, as evidenced by this one-on-one game in his basketball camp.

The 7-foot-3 New York Knicks forward wasted no time and swatted the kid’s shot mercilessly and capped it off with a buzzer-beating right-handed dunk.

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

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Get that weak sauce out of here, kid. Not in my house.

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